We expect – and love! – for people to see the world differently.
That’s how great conversation starts.

Liza Garonzik

Our story

R.E.A.L. Discussion is a little company with a big dream: to help Gen-Z discover the discipline, joy, and power of discussion. We believe that discussion skills are teachable – and worth teaching – but that teachers deserve tools for the task.

Founder Liza Garonzik built R.E.A.L.® based on her experience as a teacher, administrator, and trustee in independent schools. Her “aha” moment came from her own classroom when she realized that her Gen-Z students struggled with discussion – skills they need for learning and life! 

Today R.E.A.L.® is a team of passionate professionals (and unabashed nerds), most of whom are former teachers with a personal stake in our mission.

Our mission & values

Our mission is to equip teachers to help young people discover the discipline, power, and joy of challenging discussion. We are proud to serve stakeholders like: 

  • Our students
  • Our teachers
  • Our team
  • The future

2021 Annual Report

Check out our 2021 Annual report to learn more about our trajectory and how R.E.A.L.® has helped visionary schools across the country ensure that all students feel heard and challenged in class discussion. The punchline? We are grateful for our partners’ pioneering spirit – and excited for what’s ahead. 

Teacher & student testimonials

Our teachers and students have a lot to say and they all agree: R.E.A.L.® just works. Some of our favorite feedback: 98% of teachers would recommend us to a colleague and the top three words used to describe R.E.A.L. PD are:  “Practical,” “Innovative,” and “Fun/Funny!”

Frequently asked questions

We often get questions like How does R.E.A.L.®  fit in with what we’re already doing? or What does R.E.A.L.® offer schools?  Click to see answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask – there’s little we love more than a new question.