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In R.E.A.L.® Time is a place for conversation about the art, science, and impact of student-led discussion. If that mission feels meta, it’s also born of what we see as a concrete need: an exchange focused explicitly on discussion and stocked with a blend of expertise, research, human interest stories, interdisciplinary connections, and fun!

Edited by Katherine Burd


Networks for Deeper Learning

Hernández, Laura E. and Linda Darling-Hammond, Deeper Learning Networks: Taking Student-Centered Learning and Equity to Scale. This week’s Footnotes focuses on Hernández and Darling-Hammond’s 2019

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harkness map

Protagonists: 20 minutes with Will Rehrig

“In Chemistry, anytime you can get students to do chemistry themselves, it’s like magic, and then when they’re explaining and they realize they can understand why it’s happening, it leads to really great insight. I really do think of it like magic. They’ve seen the wizard behind the curtain.”

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Office Hours

Office Hours: 30 minutes with Jamie Piltch

“It’s not enough to say ‘don’t do this’; we need to help give students identity and meaning apart from status, and I think teaching about citizenship and civic engagement is a phenomenal way to do that.”

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