In R.E.A.L. Time:
A Discussion about Discussion

In R.E.A.L.® Time is a place for conversation about the art, science, and impact of student-led discussion. If that mission feels meta, it’s also born of what we see as a concrete need: an exchange focused explicitly on discussion and stocked with a blend of expertise, research, human interest stories, interdisciplinary connections, and fun!

Edited by Katherine Burd

IRT Team

Protagonists: Reanna Ursin

“I hope we see schools embracing more opportunities for students to learn with the things that are around them, with the things that interest them. We’re going to see things become flexible and leave room for student creativity. It’s going to push us to reconsider the models we’ve been working with.”

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IRT Team

Protocols for Equity

Zaretta Hammond (leader in the Culturally Responsive Education movement) provides us tangible techniques to empower student voice more equitably in class discussions.

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