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In R.E.A.L.® Time is a place for conversation about the art, science, and impact of student-led discussion. If that mission feels meta, it’s also born of what we see as a concrete need: an exchange focused explicitly on discussion and stocked with a blend of expertise, research, human interest stories, interdisciplinary connections, and fun!

Edited by Katherine Burd


Protagonists: Anna Gonzales

“…when a kid references something that another kid said in a previous class — that just shows, to me, that a kid deeply respects the humanity and intellect of their classmates and the work that we do together. They’re showing that they value discussion and showing the value of it at the same time.”

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Beyond the Syllabus

Use Some Logic Today

Arguing that the commonly upheld binary between logic and emotion is false, Eugenia Cheng suggests that we would all communicate clearly if we actively integrated both.

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harkness map

Protagonists: Ghassan Gammoh

“All the magic is in the classroom.” I really agree — it’s the best place to be in a school. I was always thinking that I wanted to be a school leader, and I think that when my department head told me to live in the moment and do my best — that what was meant to be for me would be — as a young teacher, I need that perspective.

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Push Out Paraphrase

Paraphrasing, by Bergman’s definition, is a retelling of what a student has just said in similar, perhaps clearer, words. He notes, though, that in such moments paraphrase a teacher often “ignores missing pieces and inaccuracies.”

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