In R.E.A.L. Time:
A Discussion about Discussion

In R.E.A.L.® Time is a place for conversation about the art, science, and impact of student-led discussion. If that mission feels meta, it’s also born of what we see as a concrete need: an exchange focused explicitly on discussion and stocked with a blend of expertise, research, human interest stories, interdisciplinary connections, and fun!

Edited by Katherine Burd

Beyond the Syllabus

The New “Social Skills”

Educators work on social skills every day; students use social media all day. What does it mean to equip them for the futures they hope for?

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Beyond the Syllabus

Discourse in our Time

This week’s Beyond the Syllabus brings together of-the-moment public debates, critical research, and retellings of history that cause us to renew our perspective on and passion for discourse in the classroom and beyond.

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Teach today's students the power of discussion and make every voice heard.

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