“A partnership with R.E.A.L. has become the clear path forward for our school community as we continue to create an environment where all voices are heard and all perspectives are valued.” Lynne Macziewski,
Associate Head of School,
Girls Preparatory School (TN)

The path to Conversation Culture is unique at every school.

Some schools go “all in” while others start in a specific division, department, or grade-level. Leaders choose the programs they want — or sometimes we work together to build something entirely new.

But one thing is always true: R.E.A.L. programs work best when aligned to your school’s strategic objectives and your leadership vision. This takes work up front – but allows you to measure mission-aligned impact down the road.

It all starts with a “Conversation about Conversation!” You bring your ideas and team members you want to include off-the-bat; we’ll bring resources (case studies! dashboards! footage from R.E.A.L. Conversation Lab classrooms!) and questions that will make you think.

And we’ll talk about teaching and celebrating conversation skills on your campus. These sessions are free and tend to be very generative (and nerdy-fun!).

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R.E.A.L.® Discussion

For The Humanities

R.E.A.L.® in the Community

For Parents, Alumni, etc.
For Humanities Classrooms

R.E.A.L.® Discussion

R.E.A.L. helps with the life skill of realizing there are multiple correct answers, multiple ways to solve a problem.
– 10th grade student
I used to be so scared to talk in discussion. But now I know I’ll have something to say and how to say it. And it’s easier to listen then.
– 7th grade student

Our signature program is R.E.A.L.® Discussion: a research-backed method for explicitly teaching and equitably assessing in-person discussion skills in Humanities classes, starting in grade 6.

And yes – R.E.A.L.® includes mission-aligned dashboards show student skill development, feelings of belonging, and sense of purpose.


R.E.A.L.® Skills for Life

R.E.A.L. has become part of the fabric at Blair. Our tenth-grade teachers employ a common language to inspire discussion across classes and the kids use their new skills beyond English and in writing, too. Discussions are more precise, dynamic, and inclusive than ever.
James Moore
English Department Chair
Blair Academy

R.E.A.L.® skills matter beyond Humanities Class. Our R.E.A.L. Skills for Life Trainings show faculty the basics, so they see current research around Gen-Z’s communication crisis and incorporate R.E.A.L.® skills and routines into their classes, advisories, and teams.

We can emphasize learner-centeredness, belonging, wellbeing or leadership development – whatever aligns best to your strategic priorities!

FOR School + team leaders

Conversation Culture Strategy Workshops

Liza is masterful at facilitating discussions that promote psychological safety and channel the innovative energy of a team. Her work at REAL, and our partnership with Liza, have offered critical insights into cultural transformation and organizational change.  Leadership teams, faculty meetings, and even the boardroom can benefit from working with them.
Nishant Mehta
Former Head of School at The Childrens’ School (GA).
Founder and President, MehtaCognition

Conversation Culture should exist in conference rooms, not just classrooms, on your campus. Today’s operational and team leaders deserve reflection opportunities and tools to build trust, restore nuance, and make all voices heard.

  • Conversation Culture From Mission to Action (For Admin Teams)
  • Conversation Culture in the Conference Room (For Managers)
FOR parents, Alumni, etc.

R.E.A.L.® in the Community

Liza delivers what an audience needs and with an appreciation of independent schools from many perspectives. Her style is energetic, supported by research, takeaways, and lots of audience interactivity. Finding Liza was like a great stock tip!
Alecia Berman-Dry
Director of Professional Learning, AIMS

Other school stakeholders – like parents, trustees, or alumni – often love to join the effort to cultivate Conversation Culture on your campus. It’s amazing how much these folks care and want to serve the needs of today’s students.

We will design custom programming to engage constituencies beyond students, faculty, and staff, depending on your needs and dreams! Reach out below.

Not seeing exactly what you’re looking for? Let’s design something else, together.