The impact of R.E.A.L.® is stunningly consistent across schools, subjects and grades.

Since all students deserve discussion skills, R.E.A.L.® has intentionally begun in a broad range of schools.

The R.E.A.L.® approach to Discussion as a Discipline has proven effective across grades, subjects, and school cultures. Its mastery model has been used with students grades 6-11, subjects including History, English, Religion and Humanities, and in independent, international, and charter schools. Across all of these contexts, teachers report that R.E.A.L.® makes discussion “more equitable,” “more rigorous,” and “easier to assess.” The student results speak for themselves!

“R.E.A.L. ensures I will hear every student’s voice, and, maybe more importantly, that every student will be heard by her classmates. That is simple but that engagement never gets old. R.E.A.L. also ties directly into analytical writing, which students appreciate, and I love. It just makes their so much writing better! I’ve talked with all of our teachers about using it next year.”
Doris Moss
8th & 11th Grade English, Atlanta Classical Academy (Atlanta, GA)

Teachers Reflect . . .

"R.E.A.L. helps us engage with each other and everyone gets a better understanding of the text when they look at it from different points of view. Personally, I have an issue with shutting down the ideas of others without considering them, but R.E.A.L. helps with the life skill of of realizing there are multiple correct answers, multiple ways to solve a problem."
- 10th Grader -

Students Report . . .


is for RELATE

“My biggest win with REAL has been effectively relating my ideas to not only my peers’ ideas but also relating them to the world. Making connections to the real world allows us to give meaning to the themes we discuss and more readily apply those ideas.”
– 10th grader


is for EXCERPT

“I think REAL discussions serve as a draft for analytical writing, especially in how we use quotes, and they are a great place to speak your ideas and see how your peers react to it; similar to a band testing out songs at a concert before they release the studio version.”
– 9th grader


is for ASK

“REAL has made me conscious that I have started to ask more questions to move the discussion along, rather than just relating to my classmates. I think that this is a vital discussion (and honestly life) skill and I’m still working on it, but I have definitely improved.”
– 10th grader


is for LISTEN

“I have gotten better at taking notes about my classmates’ comments, which is not only helpful for me in the future for my assignments, but also is helpful for them because I am consistently listening and processing their comments, even if I don’t agree perfectly with them.”
– 9th grader

Teach today's students the power of discussion and make every voice heard.

In the words of one R.E.A.L. teacher: 

“Is there a more important calling for our times?” 

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